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Industry leaders in content and commerce are joining forces to create optimized customer experiences for global clients. Blue Acorn iCi, a data-driven, strategic consultancy, is launching in response to growing strategic needs from digital customers and the obstacles brands face in creating cohesive customer experiences. Blue Acorn iCi brings over a decade of unparalleled expertise and delivers successful solutions to global companies at the intersection of strategy, data science, development, and digital experience.

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Despite slow category growth, a handful of CPG brands have outpaced their fellows in the digital transition, while others languish far behind. Looking at the companies in L2’s Digital IQ Index®: Home Care that saw the most extreme changes to their ranking in the past year – either positively or negatively – offers other brands an instructional example of how to move up in the digital ranks.



The laundry detergent brand adopted several key features on mobile, such as making coupons available directly from Google search results. The brand also saw improvements in digital marketing driven by strong brand SEM, boasting the highest average first-page real estate and the second-highest visibility on Amazon within the Laundry Care subcategory.


Increased investment in social media helped Method leap in the ranks. The brand focused on Instagram and Facebook, where it boosted engagement by posting more frequently. Method also improved site load times and now boasts one of the fastest-loading sites, in addition to displaying consistent email marketing efforts that few competitors have mastered.

Mrs. Meyers’ Clean Day: CHALLENGED to GIFTED

Following best practices helped the brand achieve 3.86% organic visibility on branded terms, and once visitors end up on the site, they stay there: enjoys more page views per visitor than any other CPG brand site. Even more importantly, the brand’s DIY content resonated with audiences on Pinterest and Instagram, receiving the third-most interactions in the Index – catapulting Mrs. Meyers to the fourth spot on the ranking.
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One of this year’s biggest losers, Finish suffers from SEO and SEM invisibility due to discontinued investments, as well as declining year-on-year performance on both Facebook and YouTube. Absence of Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts further cut into the brand’s digital influence.


Windex suffers from near-invisibility in search on both Google and e-tailer sites, often ceding top branded search results to e-tailers and struggling to appear at all on broader category terms. The brand site’s lack of e-commerce capabilities cemented Windex’s Challenged ranking.

Scrubbing Bubbles: AVERAGE to CHALLENGED

The brand’s widespread neglect for digital was visible last year, as evidenced by its Average ranking. But with zero investment in email and poor performance in mobile advertising, Scrubbing Bubbles has further declined as competitors raised the bar.

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